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My appologies for this. We are currently working on this area. Please come back and check it out again soon (maybe not today hey...) In the mean time, please feel free to checkout the programs and resources below.

3 Step Client Boosting Program

Free 45 minute program designed to find you hidden clients in your existing database.

Rapid Referrals Kickstart Program

Totally focused on generating referral partners, building systems for clients to pass you referrals. This is a system that will generate High Quality Clients into the future and grow your business and build an asset.

Profile Branding Boosting Program

50 things you can do to:- Build your Profile Raise your Brand Attract more High Quality Clients

Property Profits Network Mastermind

This is the flag ship program, putting you together with other Property Industry Professionals on a regular basis, passing clients to one another, passing service industry professionals, along with promoting each other.

Free Resources


You will find some amazing videos and postings that will really add value.


There are a variety of ebooks that I have for public release.

YouTube Channel

You will find some great value videos here to help you out.

eLearning Program

This is an ongoing, continually updated eLearning program where you will gain access to some extra-ordinary resources.

About Craig Keegan

  • I am a qualified Conveyancer, Mortgage Broker & Vendor Financier, Small Scale Share Issuer & Life Coach.
  • I have been a property investor since 1994, very active in the investment community since 2003.
  • I have been published by CBS, FOX, NBC and abc.
  • I am the Co-author of the Amazon #1 Best Selling book “Making Empowering Choices”
  • I spent 30 years in IT as a Solutions Architect, Project Manager and Business Analyst.
  • I have been married since 1994, I have a Son at University studying IT & Innovation.
  • I am the Founder of the Property Profits Network, setting up Mastermind groups for Property Industry Professionals.
  • I am the Founder of the Client Acquisition Program, Raise your Profile, Build your Brand and Attract more Clients.
    I have a growing LinkedIn profile of over 9400 connections along with an increasing number of Recommendations.

    I Guarantee I WILL find a hole in your Client Acquisition Funnel