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Grow Your Brand, Business and Revenue with Authority Marketing! Get Yourself “As Seen On...” abc, NBC, CBS, Fox & More and Gain Instant Authority

What is it all about?

Craig is an Australian Entrepreneur, Author, Life Coach & Mentor, who was looking for a way to get more credibility and more media attention within his industry.
If you are looking to stand out from the crowd and distinguish yourself from others this is a great strategy. The credibility that provides, allows potential customers to choose you over others.
Media Citations play an important part in elevating you within your industry.

How You Become A Quoted Expert By Major Media Outlets Within 20 Days

If you are a local professional, business owner, author, coach, consultant, this gives you the edge to:
  • Make YOU the Local Authority
  • Stand Out from Your Competition
  • Grow Your Business
  • For You

    - Perceived as the trusted local authority
    - Become recognized as a recommended industry expert
    - Maximize revenue from increased exposure

    For Your Customers

    - You are chosen ahead of your competition
    - Make customers seek you out instead of you chasing them.
    - Increase long-term customer relationships

    For Your Business

    - Increased Branding
    - Become an industry & niche authority instantly
    - Increase your conversion rate and charge more for products & services

    How much would it be worth to YOUR business?

    Having these is a point of difference for your business. These are the symbols that the younger generation really relate to and recognize and trust.
    It is also something other media organisation recognize and respect. As a result they respect you and your business more.
    Best of all, it lasts a life time. What other advertising can you pay only once for and get it for a lifetime? None....

    Who Can Benefit From Being A Quoted Expert?

    I know how competitive it is as a Life Coach to get noticed, then to be trusted enough to get someone as a client. However, the right media exposure gives instant credibility when combined with a profitable strategy.

    As a business consultant it is important to have a good reputation follow you wherever you go. On your next promotional video add the As Seen OnabcCBSFOX and NBC logo’s and see the response.

    If you were looking to get involved with a Network Marketing company you would do several things. Google the name of the company and then start looking at the top producers that show up. If someone goes to your blog or personal website who do you think they will contact? Why do you think thats so?

    You see so many books being published on Kindle or even just ebooks. After awhile they all have the same look to them. Now you can dust off those boring covers by becoming a quoted Author.

    As a Business Owner you need every advantage possible to stand above the rest. Now in all your brochures, flyers and ads you can express just that. People will be attracted to you by the simple media exposure you have received.

    Whether you are looking for an investor for your product or teaching a course to Internet Marketers… The Media Authority will provide you with the leverage you need to be a huge success.

    Greig Wells

    Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur
    This is how I went on to get featured on CNN, Wall Street Journal, TV, Radio, Magazines, became a speaker for Tony Robbins and other conferences, and get a best selling book deal with Jack Can field!
    All because I paid to play and got these media citations!

    Rebecca Noel

    I know how competitive it is as a Life Coach to get noticed, then to be trusted enough to get someone as a client. However, the right media exposure gives instant credibility when combined with a profitable strategy.

    Holly Cotter

    I’ve been marketing online and offline for over 20 years… I have also spent over $10k on publicity that never got me a citation on any news site. This would be a BARGAIN at just $5,000!

    Life-Long Benefits Of The Program

    The main reason why people don’t buy is TRUST.In general, we like to buy from who we know or who we trust. Citations from major media outlets help build that initial trust, because you are regarded as an authority. Just think of lawyers, doctors and police. Their authority level is very high. Therefore, we trust them.

    To reach that same authority and trust level, you need to stand out. Your prospects want to feel that they are buying from the best, from an expert.

    The minute, you present “As Seen On…” on your marketing materials, you’ll gain that trust. With that those long-term customers.

    Before the internet, references and recommendation letters sufficed.Today, in the age of internet and social media, potential buyers look up your likes on Facebook and Twitter, your presence on LinkedIn, read your reviews on Yelp, Glassdoor and other rating websites before they even consider you.

    Your social online presence becomes your reputation. Displaying your major media placement makes you stand out above the rest.

    You probably know the feeling of chasing customers. Even worse, the feeling of getting started at ZERO at the beginning of every month. This ends the ever-lasting cycle of chasing new customers!Once you are a recognised expert in your field, you become popular and gain prestige. The result is that you become the prize – people come to you.

    This is a true conversion strategy. Being a recognised authority helps you get the maximum ROI!The Art of an Unfair Advantage. Even competing in local markets is tough today. You need to leverage every little advantage!Being featured on abc, CBS, NBC and FOX as a quoted expert gives you an unfair advantage that lasts a life-time.

    Standing out from your competition, means not only that:

    ⇒ You get more customers

    ⇒ You charge the price that you deserve. People pay top dollar to work with you! Imagine, what it would mean if you could add 15 – 25% more on top of your current rates!

    • Once you are recognised as the expert, people come to you to get your advice, opinion, recommendation. This opens the door to more media outlets. Just look at news outlets online and offline. They all need experts to quote. Reporters and media people then turn to YOU. This opens new marketing opportunities and drives more customers your way

    Pricing Options

    The Process

    ♦ You provide us with your quote and profile picture (hi-res photo of yourself 500 x 500 pixels)
    ♦ We submit your “quote” for major media placement for you.
    ♦ We publish them on abc, NBC, CBS, Fox and more
    ♦ We send you the 100% real, working links
    ♦ You use your new found “fame” in your branding

    100% LEGAL. 100% ETHICAL

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We guarantee that your citation will appear on all 4 network websites within 10 business days, and that we will add the logos to your profile photo for you. If we don’t do that, then you get your money back.

    We publish a 300 character quote that can either be from you talking about your service / business, or from someone else talking about you and your business. The quote isn’t very important. What is important is that you’re now cited on these networks, and you can use the “As Seen On” text and images in your marketing. That’s the value of this program.

    We will send you screenshots of your quotes as well as the links to the quotes. However, know that the links are archived after a few weeks, and they will no longer be live. But that doesn’t matter because, because once you’re cited, you can use the logos.

    No. The quotes will be on local affiliate websites for the major media. You are still able to use the “As Seen On” text and logos when you’ve been cited on the local affiliate websites.

    No, we choose the websites that they appear on. They do not need to be in your city. Remember, the value is not from the quotes being seen on the websites by your potential customers. The value is in being cited, and then being able to use the logos on all your marketing.

    We don’t recommend that you add the links to the quotes to your website or marketing for a few reasons. The first is that the links are archived after a period of time, so they won’t be live forever. Secondly, your quote will appear in a press release along with other Top Professional quotes, so you won’t want your customer going to the press release. Remember, the value in this special program is in being able to use the “As Seen On” text and images in your marketing.

    You will not get any appreciable traffic or back-links from this quote. Again, the benefit in using these citations is in being able to use the “As Seen On” text and images in your marketing.

    We will need at least a 500 x 500 px image, 72 dpi, jpg, png, or pdf. We will send it back to you as a 500 x 500 jpg.