LinkedIn Profile Restructure

For An Individual

You are here because it has already been demonstrated to you that you have an issue and are currently leaking prospects from your profile.
Let's get your Profile working for you so you stop leaking prospects from your LinkedIn Profile.
You may be great at what you do, this is what we do really well.

Stop Leaking Prospects!

Lets fix your profile so people do not Bounce off your profile to your competitors, right now you are giving your competitors business.
This Program is a series of consistently updated training workshop videos, that show you exactly step by step what to do to fix it.
The program has measurable results throughout.

How Much Is A Client Worth To You?

How much are you losing, and not even knowing about it?

Who Is The LinkedIn Profile Restructure For?

Individuals that want to take their offline professionalism online to the other 645 Million business people of the world. You have to be able to stand above the others in the crowded market place. How can you be identified, amonst all the other Brokers in the industry?
It is for the person that recognises that they cannot afford to continue to lose prospects that they have spent good money and effort to get to their profile. Finally, it is for the person, who needs it fixed but this just is not their thing.

How Much Is A Client Worth To You?

How much are you losing, and not even knowing about it?

What Does The Training Look Like?

About Craig Keegan

  • I am a qualified Conveyancer, Mortgage Broker & Vendor Financier, Small Scale Share Issuer & Life Coach.
  • I have been a property investor since 1994, very active in the investment community since 2003.
  • I have been published by CBS, FOX, NBC and abc.
  • I am the Co-author of the Amazon #1 Best Selling book “Making Empowering Choices”
  • I spent 30 years in IT as a Solutions Architect, Project Manager and Business Analyst.
  • I have been married since 1994, I have a Son at University studying IT & Innovation.
  • I am the Founder of the Property Profits Network, setting up Mastermind groups for Property Industry Professionals.
  • I am the Founder of the Client Acquisition Program, Raise your Profile, Build your Brand and Attract more Clients.
    I have a growing LinkedIn profile of over 9400 connections along with an increasing number of Recommendations.

    I Guarantee I WILL find a hole in your Client Acquisition Funnel

    Online Profile Review For SME's

    This is the Next Step up from the LinkedIn Profile Restructure.
    This is all about your company Branding, finding other Leaks in your online profile and platforms.
    You are probably not just losing prospects from your LinkedIn profile. What are Prospects seeing when they look you and your staff up, before and after your sales meetings/calls? Is it attractive and consistent, or do they bounce onto the next provider? Are they confused by inconsistencies?
    Have you ANY idea as to how many Prospects and even Clients are bouncing to others because of these inconsistencies and branding issues? How much is that costing you?
    Prospects are well educated these days, they try and minimize risk, and do their research. If things are not what they expect, they move on, and you never know. However if you are all consistent, they are impressed, they remember and take notice. We need to fix ALL your Staff, not just the individual, we need to give as professional online appearance as we do offline. People will note make it offline if they are confused online.....

    Options include, Individual - SME 10 Employees and SME 20 Employees. Packs for all business sizes.

    Lets fix your profile so people do not Bounce off your to your competitors.

    • Contact info
    • About
    • Experience
    • Recommendations
    • Skills & Endorsements
    • LinkedIn Banner picture
    • Do you have one?
    • Is it connected to your current role?
    • Do you try and get people to connect with your Page?
    • Does it point to your Website?
    • Does the Website link work?
    • Do you have a non-standard Banner?
    • Do you have an icon for the page?
    • Do you have one?
    • Does your website point to your correct Facebook Page?
    • When was the last review of your Facebook Business Page?

    We do a complete Facebook report. Most of all we show you exactly when people are reading your posts.

    • What can people see (who are not your friends)?
    • Should you alter your security or post security?
    • Should your posts be visible?
    • Do you have your social media prominent and visible?
    • Do your links work?
    • Where do you rate on Google?
    • How can this be improved

    Client Acquisition Facebook & Website Reports

  • Do you have a Facebook Page?
  • Do you have a website?
  • Why?
  • I would suggest that if it is important enough to have, it is important enough to improve. Every little 1% improvements can improve your business and success.
    This could very well be the thing that gets you your next client. All you have to do is download it and pass it onto your technical people.
    Leverage your staff, Leverage your technology and get more Clients....

    How do we do this?

    • How valuable would it be to know when your prospects are reading your Facebook Page?
    • What Days and what times of the day?
    • How much more valuable would your time and effort be worth then?
    • Would having your messages top of their News Feed be more valuable?

    There are so many technical moving parts in websites. The essence is we want people to be able to find us first. We want us to be on the front page of Google. We want our site to be fast.

    We want our prospects to be able to find us fast and be fast when we use it. This is about giving you all the information with simple steps to make it better.

    If these are important enough to have and use, and your prospects are seeing them, they should be as good as you can make them.

    Yes I know. this is not your job, BUT…. Without these working and you getting clients from them, you make less sales. So lets get them right and get you more clients, more sales and more profit.

    Celebrity Interactions

    OK I admit, I do like to to be around the people that are around other active industry professionals. They are a great introduction to other great people.