Do you need to find more Clients and remove time wasters from your life ?

Find out how on this 45 minute strategy call

Who Is This Program For?

All these Programs were designed and built just for YOU!

Craig has been involved in property for 16 years and has 25 years in business.

This is ideal for you.

The focus is on taking your list and extracting Clients.

You generate more, better Clients in a timely manner.

This will have a positive affect on your income.

This is ideal for Sales Staff, staff that are looking to find more Clients and stop wasting time on tyre kicking Leads.

The focus is all about Clients not Leads.

Saving time, maximising your leverage and building an ongoing Client Funnel.

Discover how you can beat the other Sales professionals in your organisation and the competitors around you.

Are you a Service Provider to the Property Industry? Copywriter, Web Developer, Facebook Marketer, Branding Specialist, Private Lender, Debt Collector.

All of these programs are suitable for you, in gaining access to high quality clients.

Not only will you to find clients in your current database, but you will expand your network and build your Client Acquisition Strategy to keep them coming into the future.

The 3-Step Client Boosting Program and Rapid Referrals Kickstarter are both programs suitable for any small business.

This is where you get to work one-on-one with Craig Keegan and quickly work through your Client Acquisition strategy and other business issues.

Imagine having access to the contacts, business experience and network of Craig Keegan, with his 9000+ LinkedIn Connections, 20,000+ Facebook Friends and his 25 years in Business,

This will change your business….

Are you an employee and think tht Client Acquisition is not your job, there are others for that.

Let me ask you, if you bought Clients into the business, how would that make you look in your business? Would that put you above your collegues for the next promotion?

You create a Client Acquisition strategy that will be the envy of your collegues


Craig is a #1 Selling Amazon Author.

He has also authored a number of ebooks on a variety of topics:-

  •  LinkedIn Profile Setup
  •  Referral Strategies
  •  Mastermind Groups
  • Client Acquisition Strategies

Great resources to move you forward.

So the question is:-

  • Do you have a book?
  • Do you have ebooks that solve your clients problems?.

The Objectives of this program is to find more clients you have access to right now, that you currently are not leveraging. This is completed via a 45 minute phone call, allowing you to get results before we finish.

No surprise that there are 3 steps in this process.

These steps have been designed to specifically focus on understanding your situation, identifying the areas that can be resolved immediately.

Finally it is to focus on how to maximize the hidden clients in your existing lists.

  1. Birds-Eye Assessment
  2. 3-Step Client Boosting Process
  •  Be More Visible & Credible
  •  Find More Clients From Existing Sources
  • The In-house Profit Machine

3. Priority List.

You have to take the first step.

Simple question.

  • Would you be prepared to invest 45 minutes to save $1000’s and make $1000’s?

Well if the answer is yes then Book A Free Strategy Session right now with Craig Keegan, lets make this happen.

Strategy to keep them coming into the future.

About Craig Keegan

  • I am a qualified Conveyancer, Mortgage Broker & Vendor Financier, Small Scale Share Issuer & Life Coach.
  • I have been a property investor since 1994, very active in the investment community since 2003.
  • I have been published by CBS, FOX, NBC and abc.
  • I am the Co-author of the Amazon #1 Best Selling book “Making Empowering Choices”
  • I spent 30 years in IT as a Solutions Architect, Project Manager and Business Analyst.
  • I have been married since 1994, I have a Son at University studying IT & Innovation.
  • I am the Founder of the Property Profits Network, setting up Mastermind groups for Property Industry Professionals.
  • I am the Founder of the Client Acquisition Program, Raise your Profile, Build your Brand and Attract more Clients.
    I have a growing LinkedIn profile of over 9400 connections along with an increasing number of Recommendations.

    I Guarantee I WILL find a hole in your Client Acquisition Funnel

    How Does It All Work?

    How do we do this? We have a number of ways to get started.
    The 3-Step Client Boosting Program is the first step, book in with Craig Keegan.
    Let him be the Doctor and diagnose the next step in your Client Acquisition process.
    Lets not have a Sales Funnel lets get start on your new Client Waterfall.
    1. eBooks
    2. 3-Step Client Boosting Program
    3. Rapid Referrals Kickstarter
    4. Property Profits Network

    Life Time Only !!!